Well, hello there, 2011. It’s nice to meet you. I’m Heather.

Hey there, I’m Heather. I suppose I’ll start by giving you a little background about my love for crafting. I come from a long line of crafty woman- although none of them think of themselves as creative, or crafty. I know better. Each one of the woman, and even the youngest generation of girls, has crafters blood; we all have the photographic ‘eye’, and a keen sense of style. So, the way I see it is that I was born to be a crafter, just like my mother, my aunts, my grandmother, my cousins, and our daughters. I simply don’t have any choice in the matter.

For a long time I thought my real love of crafting kicked in when I was 17. I made my first scrapbook which was inspired by a scrapbook my cousin made for our late grandmother. However, now that I look back further, I realize that my crafting actually started when I was about 5 or 6 years old. I would collect my grandparents Styrofoam cups and plates, a roll of masking tape, some crayons or markers, and a few bugs from the bushes outside, along with a handful of grass and twigs; ya know, for the bugs to eat. I’d have all my things gathered on my grandparent’s kitchen table, and just create. Before I knew it my new bug buddies had a new mansion made from the most modern and sophisticated bug home innovations since grass was invented; I would call these works of art and pure genius Thee Bug Mansion’s by H. R. Alexander.  The best part is that I thought for sure ALL kids made these. Nope. Wrong!

Over the years my favorite thing to do was build elaborate Lego houses with state of the art kitchens, big bedrooms, and super couches. My Lego families had at least 6 kids and the parents drove a limo (dude, when you’re a kid the coolest things are a limo, and driving), also made of Lego’s. My parents and grandparents had no doubt in their minds I would be an architect, which is a profession I’ve seriously considered; and to be honest, it’s still not completely out of the question. My cousin is an architect. We could be partners and call our firm ‘Alexander: Thee Great Architectural Firm’. I digress…

Back to my love of crafting; before I finished my first scrapbook I was onto my second. And soon came a third, and after that my daughter was born, so obviously I scrapbooked every single second of her life. It’s true what they say, by the way; you capture every second of your first child’s every move and breath, but have half the amount of pictures and video of the second child. Hmmm…I always thought that was just a lazy crafter mom that made that one up- nope! It’s all true! I probably have over 15 scrapbooks lying around here. Not all of them are finished, but there’s surely a bunch of them.

Since I started making jewelry I’ve all together stopped scrapbooking. I’m currently 2 years behind. Whoopsie! That’s one of my goals this year- catch up on scrapbooking. No it will NOT be easy; what, with 15 hours of college courses, 12 hours of working at Michaels, 14 hours or more of jewelry and craft making and keeping up with 2 Etsy shops, cooking and cleaning (oh who am I kidding? I loathe cleaning, and cooking isn’t something I enjoy doing either. I do it for the kids. I only do the bare minimum anyhow), playing Mom and Wife 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and finding some time to sneak in 6 hours- if I’m lucky- of sleep, restful sleep. Yeah, I don’t know if I’ll be doing a whole lot of scrapbooking, but I’m going to make a goal of 2 hours a week, anyway. I guess it’d help if I got the pictures printed, eh?


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