FREE Shipping– who doesn’t like Free shipping?!

So on top of the 15% off of all things Amethyst, and all things Love, and any coupon codes you may have, I’m giving you all free shipping on orders of $50 or more. This is of course after all other coupons and discounts. This all applies to custom orders as well, so please feel free to take advantage of all these savings! Enter coupon code: HCBHSHIPP50 at checkout, after any other coupon you may have.

All you March babes- Listen up! I have some fabulous Aquamarine goodies coming your way, so keep checking back to my Jewelry Etsy Shop for goodies made just for you! Spring greeting cards, tags, all things to complete your wedding reception, some super awesome frames, and travel journals are all in the works! I get bored easily, so I’m always going back and forth between projects. Keep checking back on my Crafts Etsy Shop for all these goodies!

Happy Valentines Day!


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