Marching into Spring!

Happy Birthday to any and all March born babes out there! March: the month of the birch tree (one of my favorites, by the way- I think they are really cool looking), the daffodil is the birth flower, and Pisces and Aries are the astrological signs. March is when we begin to see signs that spring will be here soon (thank goodness! Seriously we’re all sick of the snow!), and birds begin to chirp. March is Womans History Month and American Red Cross month. National reading day is March 2nd so take an hour out of that day and read something- a newspaper, a book, or read to your kids. On March 14th spare a spiders life and instead of squishing it, take it outside, as this day is a day for the spider- National Save a Spider Day! On March 22, try to make a conscious effort to save water because it’s World Water Day. If each of us does a little bit to conserve water, we can all make a giant posative impact! How cool would that be?!

In honor of the month of March I’m throwing what I like to call a Sale Party. Basically, I’m having a sale, not unlike the sale I had in February. I’ll take 15% off all things aquamarine (which is the birthstone for March) at my Jewelry Etsy Shop, and highlight some of the goodies from my Craft Etsy Shop that remind me of spring.

I also want to extend a special coupon that I give to the folks that really enjoy my handcrafted goodies to show some appreciation to you. Use coupon code THEHOOKUP15 to recieve an addtional 15% your entire purchase. Yes, this coupon will come off of the Aquamarine sale items too! Lucky you!

In addition to the coupon, and the sale you’ll get FREE SHIPPING on all orders of $50 or more. Use coupon code HCBHSHIPP50 at checkout.

I hope you all take advantage of these sales, and coupons. These are all also valid on custom orders!

Lastly, I want to let you all know that my hubby and I are packing us and our two youngest children up and driving to Florida to visit my parents. On the way home we’ll make a stop in West Virgina to visit my hubby’s family. We’re super excited! I’ve decided to leave my shop open during this time for you all to make purchases, but items purchased after March 11th at 2:00pm will not be shipped until March 21st. Please plan accordingly.

Thanks a bunch to everyone who reads this! I appreciate it!

Happy March!


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