I’mm baaaccckk!

Sorry- Title is a little creepy, but I am. Back, that is. From vacation…

We had a lovely time. We did a whole lot of NOT MUCH! Lot’s of sun, sand, ocean, and pool. Saint Patricks day was a blast down on Flager Ave in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. The weather was perfect all week. Not even a stitch of rain. I’m so spoiled…

I went to one of my favorite bead shops down on Canal Street while I was there and got some GREAT stuff. If I find the owners business card and she has a website I’ll post it here. I also found on Flagler Ave, this totally amazing gemstone shop. The guy has a HUGE slab of sparkling amethyst right out in the front window so it was really hard to miss. This little store is jam packed with beautiful awesome gemstones and crystals at rediculous deals. My step mom captured my joy with her camera- I’ll post it here too, as soon as I get it. I’m sure I look crazy. Oh well…

We had fun, and we’re already missing my parents, but we’re glad to be home. I’ve got a million new ideas floating around in my head I’ve got to jot down or draw before I lose ’em…

Happy Spring!! (Finally!) 🙂


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