Too much STUFF, not enough SPACE…

Does anyone else have this problem? Please say yes, cuz I really would like to have some company in this mini-dilema.

My hubby and I have been together for almost 7 years (in July), and have lived together for about 6 years, so we’ve accumulated lots ‘o’ stuff over that time. The problem is that our apartment is simply too small for all of our stuff.

We donate stuff on a regular basis, throw some stuff out, and much to the dismay of our children, we make them go through their stuff about 4-5 times a year and get rid of a grocery bag full o stuff each time (it’s amazing how a child thinks s/he NEEDS something today, but tomorrow will admit they will never play with it every again), so for us weeding out the junk stuff isn’t an issue.

I regularly tell my husband that it’s not the stuff, or the apartment, it’s the way we have everything so disorganized- which I believe is true. Since we’ve lived together we’ve never been in a place for more than a year, so we’ve never really HAD to fully unpack or organize ALL of our stuff. It’s always just been left in boxes (most of it in my Grandma’s basement).

I think if I just buckle down and clean up, pick up, open my mind, and look outside of my little bubble, I’ll be able to better see what space I have available, and how I should ‘tetris’ all of our stuff into that space. I’m good a tetris.

So- do any of you have ANY suggestions about organzing in a small space? If you come across any cool links feel free to post them here 🙂 Thanks!


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