My other favorite craft- writing.

I recently obtained a spot as the Rochester Jewelry Examiner on, which is a website that allows the people that live in cities all around the country talk about their favorite stuff, like, politics, household stuff, sports, medicine, jewelry, etc.

My job is to write articles about jewelry in Rochester. I will be writing about shops in the Greater Rochester area, craft shows and the jewelry artists that will have booths at these shows, and whatever else I feel like writing about jewelry :-). The best part? I get paid depending on how many views and comments I get. I figured this would be a great way to get my business name out there, meet jewelry artists (like me!), talk to people in the jewelry making/selling/designing community, and for Pete’s sake to satisfy my urge to WRITE!

I hope that all goes well. I think my very first public article will be about the jewelry shop Joolz right here in Canandaigua. There’s a lot to write about this shop and it’s owner, and all of the local artists that sell their beautiful jewelry in it- including my good friend and mentor, Linda Connor-Cass, who’s the owner of Loudee’s Jewelry, and makes AWESOME goodies :-).

If anybody EVER knows of a jewelry artist, shop/store, event, or craft show in the Greater Rochester Area, please please please email me, send a note on Facebook, or comment here. I will research the topic/artist and write about it!

Thanks, all. Have a happy day, and a relaxing weekend.


UPDATE 11/21/14- this gig didn’t pan out well. I didn’t put any effort into it, honestly. Now, though, after re-reading this post, I almost kinda wanna get back to doing that… ya know, cuz I definitely don’t have enough on the 5 plates I’m currently juggling :;-):


2 thoughts on “My other favorite craft- writing.

    • Thanks! Glad you stumbled too! Hope you didn’t hurt yourself, though… wink.

      I used to write when I was a mere ‘tween (12-17ish) but after my daughter was born I sort of lost touch. I’ve written a few things over the years (mainly poems and my personal journal) just to satisfy the urge to boast my opinion. Thankfully for me, paper doesn’t boast back… 😀 Plus I started scrapbooking which can easily take up an entire week if you’re not careful.

      Now onto jewelry, and other fun crafty things I’ve discovered I have a nitch for.

      Dreams come true- sometimes they hide on you for a while and then rear their pretty little face when you least expect it. Like, a kid trying to play BOO! with their siblings…. hehe.


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