New Inspirations

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So, there’s this show, it’s not new to the public, but new to the hubs and I. It’s called ‘Sons of Anarchy’, and it’s my new favorite show. Although it may sound silly (and probably ridiculous) to some folks, this show and it’s characters have inspired me to make jewelry I’ve been thinking about making since I started making jewelry. It’s really amazing to me that one little spark can start a wild fire- which is sort of what’s happened here.

The women on this show have to be tough. They can’t take anyone’s BS, and they don’t. They get their $h!+ done, and they love their guys, family, and their club. I love this unity, this family based togetherness that the characters have. They have each others backs, however, just like in any dramatic television show, they keep secrets from each other, which always thickens any plot and makes a show hard to turn off. In fact, this show is so intense, so dramatic, so juicy and keep-you-on-your-toes, the hubs and I watched the first 3 seasons in less than 2 weeks. Yes- 10 days. 36 episodes.

You might be cringing at the thought of watching so much television- don’t get me wrong, that number (36 episodes, nearly 4 hours a day) is a little scary- until you realize that it’s inspired you to be you, to do what you want to do, and make some sense of these inspirations. I always had pictures in my head of the jewelry I wanted to make, and the beautiful women who would wear it, but I could never get that quite right. I can now; I have, and I’m totally pumped about it!

The first collection that came out of my new inspiration is called The Fierce Mother Collection inspired by “Gemma” [Katey Sagal]. She’s the badass Momma who doesn’t take s**t from anyone. She is who she is and if you don’t like it or her attitude then you better run- fast. If you get in her way, piss her off, or mess with her family you better hope she doesn’t find you, or you’ll be 6 feet under real quick. She’s got a really tough shell, but when it comes to her boys, her family, and the club- Son’s of Anarchy- she’s a big ‘ol softy. She’s bold, she’s smart as a whip, she’s one tough gal, she’s got a big heart with lots of love to give, and she loves her life. She is, in all senses, one fierce mother.

My second collection born of this heart stopping show is called simply ‘Tara’. Ah, Tara. She’s so sweet and innocent- or is she? Nope, not a chance in hell. Tara [Maggie Siff] left Charming, California (the fictional town in which the show is based) to get away from the Sons of Anarchy and all of it’s members, especially Jackson (aka “Jax”) [Charlie Hunnam] who is the son of Gemma. Tara and Jax have loved each other since they were 16, and it broke Jax’s heart when Tara took off for Chicago to become a surgeon. That love stayed with both of them, and now, after 10 years, they’re finally back together. Tara’s ready and willing to be Jax’s “old lady”, which means she’s going to have to deal with and do unthinkable things.

Tara’s no whimp though. She’ll do whatever it takes to be with her love, and her new family. She has more patience than Gemma, and hasn’t learned yet that simply being Jax’s old lady comes with not only a lot of responsibility, but with a high expectation of respect. Tara isn’t someone you want to mess with either. She might not retaliate as quickly as Gemma will, but you’ll get yours if you mess with her. She’s simple, down to earth, loving, passionate, caring, and young at heart. Her style is simple but bold, and natural, with a touch of femininity. I’ve drawn up some really great pieces inspired by “Tara”, and I can’t wait to get started on the goods.

I’m so relieved that I’ve found something familiar to me. Although these two women are characters on a TV show, they’ve reminded me of what I believe in, who I am, what parts of me and my personality I’ve lost along my path. This no-nonsense, family unity, true passionate love has always been there inside of me, and I think it’s finally emerged…

….I feel like I can breathe now….


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