Handcrafted by Heather Jewelry Party!

Yesterday I hosted my first Handcrafted by Heather Jewelry Party, and it went great! All of my guests were family, which helped a LOT! I was able to mess up, forget stuff, and be nervous (because I was!). My family was supportive and I was so pleased with the way the party turned out. My sister in law booked a party and I cannot wait to start planning it!

So, if you think you might be interested in hosting a Handcrafted by Heather Jewelry Party keep reading for all of the amazing benefits and rewards you will receive.

When you host a Handcrafted by Heather Jewelry Party, you will receive 25% in FREE JEWELRY and a $15 Jewelry Certificate- JUST for hosting! On top of this, you can receive $125 worth of additional free Jewelry, depending on the amount of sales your party generates. Here is the layout of what you can receive in free Jewelry from buying party guests:

If Your Party’s Total Retail Sales Are: Then Your FREE Jewelry Credit will be:
$100 – $149 $15
$150 – $199 $25
$200 – $249 $35
$250 – $299 $50
$300 – $399 $75
$400 – $499 $100
$500+ + 25% off total

Invite your guests, friends, and family to host a Handcrafted by Heather Jewelry Party, and receive up to ten $10 FREE Jewelry Certificates! For each party that is booked from your party, up to ten parties, you will get a $10 free jewelry certificate. You could earn an additional $100 in FREE Jewelry!

All total sales include custom orders, and Up-Cycling Orders. All custom orders that may total over $100 require a 25% down payment. The amount of the down payment is the amount that will be applied to your total sales for your party.

I love to give! I love to have contests! I love to have contests in which I can give away handcrafted jewelry! Every party will include at least 2 pieces or sets of Handcrafted by Heather jewelry that your guests can enter to win that very same day! People enjoy winning free jewelry and they love coupons, so be sure to let your guests know there will be giveaways at your jewelry party! In addition, each of your invited guests will receive a 5% off coupon, which they can use at your party. Encourage each guest to bring a friend too, whom will also receive a 5% discount for items purchased at your hosted jewelry party.

Are you looking for a unique theme or just a different kind of party for a bachelorette party, or a bridal shower? How about a birthday party? Host a Handcrafted by Heather Jewelry party in honor of these special occasions! Not only with the guest of honor be showered with gifts, but the guests will feel just as special when they realize they can also shower themselves with fabulously unique jewelry, hair accessories, and other fine handcrafted goodies! There are so many GREAT benefits including FREE jewelry for you, awesome giveaways & prizes for guests, gifts for the guest of honor, and of course tons of FUN! The guest of honor will get to make a ‘wish list’. She will receive one item from that list FREE- that is my gift to her. Please email or call me for more details about this unique party idea!

To book a Handcrafted by Heather Jewelry Party outside of a party that you may have attended as a guest, please email me with your interest. I will need to know the date(s) you were considering hosting the party, about how many people you think you will invite, where you would like to host your party (i.e. Your home, office, or a larger facility), and what time of day will work best for you. This information is so that I can plan accordingly, and make sure your jewelry party is successful for the both of us. Email me at HANDCRAFTEDBYHEATHER@Ymail.com. Feel free to call me at 607-592-3433.

Thank you so very much for your interest!


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