It’s been a while…

…since I posted! Holy cow! Sorry to ALL of my faithful readers.. haha

I’ve been busy- which is a great thing when you own your own business. In the last few months I’ve been helping out my friend, Linda, by watching her kiddo’s in her home once a week or so, just she can get caught up on her jewelry projects. Although this is great- because I love her kids, and we need the extra $- it’s been difficult with only one vehicle.

But that’ll get easier now because last night the hubs and I got a 2000 Subaru Legacy! We’re excited about the idea of having two cars, but still only 1 car payment (for our current Hyundai Sonata). I really hope it turns out to work in our benefit. I know Subaru’s can be expensive to fix, but as long as we keep up the maintenance I think we should be fine for a while. Jeremy’s excited for it to snow so he can drive on the snow without white nuckles. (The Sonata wasn’t made for upstate NY weather, apparently)

I think the most difficult thing about owning my own business is setting and sticking to a budget. There are so many things I want to do, and so many ideas I have knockin’ around in my noggin- and of course I want to put them all together RIGHT NOW! My husband has been acting as my ‘business manager’ and has really helped me (or tried, at least) to keep me on track with money, and time management. One day he’ll be VP of Handcrafted by Heather 😉

My current projects consist of:
– 2 Halloween invitation projects that total 100+ invitations, all done by hand (see picture)

Vampire themed invitation

Handmade Vampire Themed Invitations

– 5 pairs of Cayuga Lake Glass earrings
– A pair of gold & sunstone earrings
– Getting ready for the Community Corners Block Party which is on August 31st
– Taking and editing photos
– Posting new goodies on Etsy
– Keeping up with bills, budgets, and my boy!
– Coasters with Cayuga Lake Glass
– Tig Inspired Leather Bracelets for guys

That’s just for work! We’re also getting Emmah ready to go back to school, Emmah’s birthday is fast approching, planning to move to the apartment across the hallway (hopefully- cross your fingers for us, please), rearranging furniture, cleaning, organizing, and hauling away stuff we don’t need, want, or have room for.

Busy Busy Busy summer we’ve had! We had lots of fun but I’m really glad it’s winding down!


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