Welcome, Autumn

I love Autumn- it’s my favorite season. Here in Upstate New York we typically only get a few weeks of beautiful crisp air, leaves changing into their gorgeous oranges, yellows, and reds, before the white stuff (ya know the stuff- snow- blah!) falls. Then it’s months of dreary grey skies, cold, blowing, yuckiness. Maybe I’d enjoy the snow more if I was still snowmobiling, or if I skied….hmmm…

I think another reason I really love Autumn is because I really love wearing jeans, and big comfy sweaters. Also, it’s the one time in the year the air is the most fresh (I think so anyway), and it’s when I can make soups, chili, and actually enjoy cooking!

In any case, Autumn inspires me to create all sorts of neat stuff. I find myself making a lot of halloween stuff- which is my second favorite Holiday-, as well as Christmas goodies. I agree that September is too early to be thinking of Christmas, but this year many craft superstores decided to pounce on it even earlier than usual. Michaels had Christmas crafts available in August! Maybe even earlier…sigh… This isn’t really a terrible thing for us crafters though. It helps us get inspired and think all the nifty things we can create! Fun, fun, fun!

To celebrate the beginning of my favorite season I’m having a sale- An Autumn Sale. Everything in my Jewelry Etsy shop is 20% off from now until October 3rd. Use this coupon code to get the discount: ILOVEAUTUMN20.

Enjoy it while it lasts! Be sure to jump in a nice big pile of freshly raked leaves!!! (oh c’mon, you know you want to) 😉

Love, Heather


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