Black Friday rant…

Last year I woke up at 3:30 am on Black Friday, made my coffee, and quietly snuck out the door. I had to wear my hat and gloves, because there was frost on my car.  My first stop was Target. I went in, got the 3 things I went there for, and headed for the checkout. Here’s the problem; the line for the checkout wrapped around the entire store twice- I’m not exaggerating; it’s the truth. I looked at the items in my hand- were the plastic toys, and silly furry boots (that I already have in black) REALLY worth standing in line for at least 3 hours?

That was a big fat HELL NO!

I laid the crap I thought I needed so badly on a random empty shelf, walked back through all the mindless mice with all of their stupid crap, and got the heck out of dodge. My next stop was Kmart. I walked in, saw the same kind of ridiculously long line, and turned right back around.

Alright- on over to Walmart. I found a parking spot- a hundred yards from the building- and headed toward the store, shivering, and wishing I was still in my warm car, and thinking how stupid this was. I could be at home in my warm bed with my husband snuggling me.

This particular Walmart is in a town that decided they couldn’t be open 24 hours (probably the only Walmart in America that’s not open 24 hours a day), and the Town board decided that Walmart couldn’t open their doors early just because it was black Friday. So, they didn’t open until 7:00am, which was their usual opening time.

When I finally got to the door, it was 7:30 (or around that time- well after 7:00 anyway), and there was still a line of robots outside. What is going on? I stood around for a minute, before I heard some lady in line say “they’re only letting 20 people in at a time.” So now going to Walmart is like a ride at Disney World? Really? I laughed (again), turned around, and headed back to my warm car.

This entire trip to this shopping mecca was a waste of time. I made the decision to take my chance and go home to shop online. Whatever I found there was what my husband and kids were going to have live with. Afterall, the kids still had things from the previous Christmas they hadn’t even opened. Maybe, I thought to myself, I’ll just rewrap those things. They’ll never know. So I did, and they didn’t.

I did end up finding some of the SAME deals online that were offered in the stores. Around 10:30, I decided I’d go back to the stores I was
at before and see if they still had any of the things I wanted left. Most of them did. There only 3 or 4 things I didn’t get that I wanted. My mom ventured out in her town, and called me to ask if I needed anything. She ended up getting me the one thing I really got up at the butt-crack of dawn for. Thanks mom!

So in conclusion; stay in bed. Shop in your jammies online- most retailers offer FREE shipping on black Friday and cyber Monday anyway.  Do yourself a huge favor and act like a human being- not like a rat waiting for cheese. The sight of these people with 2 cart loads of CRAP (toys, TV’s, misc things they could live without) made me sick to my stomach. If you’re that person- please take offense. I don’t really care. If you plan to be that person again this year, at least buy American made stuff. Be the white rat in the bunch. Rather, the red, white, and blue rat.


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