New Year, new biz…

Happy new year everyone!!  I wish you a magical, and delightful 2012. We kept our celebration simple with the kiddo’s, a few friends, and my mother, who made my late Grandma’s fudge with me. Thanks, Mom!

I am a believer that a new year gives you a chance to change for the better. That shouldn’t just end with myself though; there’s a lot of things I can change within my business to make it better in 2012. For starters, my husband is going to be helping me with a budget- a REAL budget. Not the ‘Heather’ budget; ya know the one where I just buy whatever I want whenever I want. Yeah, that’s gotta go! I realize that mindset doesn’t help me be prosperous. It just simply satisfies my shopping fix. My hubby says that I should be getting my shopping fix with personal items (like clothes and shoes!) instead of business items. Okay, fair enough. I guess, if I HAVE to buy more shoes and fabulous clothes I will. Twist my arm…. ;-P

Secondly, I really need to write a business plan. Like, on paper. It’s all down in my head, and I know what my goals and plans are for the year- so that’s a good start, right?

Thirdly, I need to stay organized with my paperwork. All receipts will be filed in the appropriate folders, and in a neat orderly fashion.

Fourth, I’ll keep better track of my inventory. I have goodies at LiSalon in Ithaca, at the Finger Lakes Gift and Lounge in Geneva, and at Buttonwood Winery in Romulus, most of which I have no idea what is left, and what was sold. I’ve already started this process at LiSalon, but not everything is inventoried. I think I’ll use a day and just go to each place to catch up on my goodies.

Lastly, I’m going to try to get my feet wet in the art and craft shows this year. I’ve already been researching online for shows to apply to, but I’m having a lot of trouble finding smaller less costly shows to attend… hmmm…

Other things to look forward to from Handcrafted by Heather in 2012:

-You’ll be able to find some of my jewelry, and wine goodies available to purchase from the Finger Lakes Store online;

-New and better sales and coupons;


-Watches for men and woman;

-New Sons of Anarchy Inspired Jewelry;

-and lots more, so stay tuned!


Thanks for reading,



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