Happy 2013!

Welcome, 2013, it’s nice to meet you.

I love new years, new months, new weeks (Yes, I LOVE Mondays!), and brand new days. You can start fresh, do something new and different if you want. It’s really pretty awesome. I’m finding that I have to LET myself do that. The only person holding me back from feeling ‘fresh and new’ is yours truly.

Now, I know this is a blog about my jewelry and handcrafted items, but since I’ve started my Arbonne biz I feel it’s become a part of me, as an artist and a person. I’m much more positive (or at least I try REALLY hard to be!) about really everything. That includes be more positive about my jewelry. I feel like I’m doing MORE, less often, and I think it’s paying off. Hense, not writing a blog post since last August… yeah… I’ve been busy- it’s a good thing.

2013 is going to bring all sorts of changes for Handcrafted by Heather, and me, Heather. We’ll be growing, changing, and exploring together. It’s bound to be interesting and very exciting!!! so, stay tuned.


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