Since there’s not really a place on Etsy to write to my clients, customers, friends, and family in an ongoing format, I figured why not start a simple blog? So here it is, ladies and gentleman! A blog site, dedicated to my ongoing trials, tribulations, successes, and random thoughts about all things jewelry and crafts. At first it’s going to be me writing about what I’m working on, what I want to work on, what I SHOULD be working on instead of writing in my blog, and whatever else I feel like writing (after all, writing is a sort of craft, is it not?)

Feel free to ask me questions, leave comments (good or bad, but not mean, please), and I would even go so far as to say that this would be a great spot to ask about custom orders, if you’re so inclined. I do welcome them with open arms. I sort of live my life as an open book (much to the dismay of my parental units, but alas) and I do not find myself easily offended- until it comes to manners. I really don’t care for people who don’t say please and thank you. So, on that note, please feel like you can ask me whatever you feel is appropriate enough for the entire world to see!


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