handmade jewelry.

When my husband, Jeremy, and I were planning our wedding, it needed to be inexpensive, so that meant gifts for the wedding party would have to be either super cheesy or handmade.

I figured it’d actually help THEM out by making their jewelry FOR them- this would save them money! YAY for saving people some money! So, after I attended a jewelry-making party I was much more confident in my ability to make something fabulous and unique for my girls.

So I did.

I had so much fun making necklace and earring sets, and figured what the heck? I could try to make some money at this.

So, I put my scrapbooking hobby aside and started spending money on jewelry making supplies. Thankfully, my dear friend and mentor, Linda, gave me a lot of great tips in the beginning (and still does today!). Without her help and guidance I surely would not be as far along as I am now.

I found out about Etsy (probably from Linda) and opened up a shop! It’s now the homebase for my jewelry & wine accessories and I’m THRILLED with it! I LOVE Etsy! Just click HERE to go to my shop!

As I go further along in my jewelry-making journey I find more and more ways to be creative and use different mediums. I find once I’ve gotten really good at one thing, I move onto learn a new thing. And usually, when I’m learning on the NEW thing I discover a better way to do the old thing. I’m constantly growing, learning and fall in love with this more and more everyday. It’s such a gift to do what I do.

My BIG goal is to someday go to Tucson, Arizona with Linda. They have the BIGGEST Gem show there every February and just the thought of attending this massive show makes me jump up and down! EEKK


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