basics: I have a loving and supportive husband, Jeremy, who works in cellular sales and loves what he does. We have Graham who is our spit-fire and the most thoughtful little guy in the world. My daughter Emmah is my reason for wanting to be better everyday. I don’t want to ever disappoint her. She has a beautiful old soul and makes me laugh every single day. And my stepson Tyler is my thinker and sports nut. He’s an incredible basketball player and he over thinks everything. He will make a great lawyer one day. šŸ˜‰

My late Grandma Gunn and I at my wedding reception.

My late Grandma Gunn and I at my wedding reception.

I’ve always been crafty- I come from a very crafty family. My grandmother was the sewer, knitter, and quilter. My cousins are the scrapbookers, designers and engineers. My mother has a great eye for color and decor. One of my aunts make gorgeous floral arrangements and refinishes antique furniture, and my other aunt makes jewelry!

The encouragement to start my own business with my crafting skills came from my late grandfather. He was a brilliant carpenter, and always did an impeccable job at his work. I’ve never heard in all my life a bad word about his work, or his character. I hope to be like him one day. He had everyone rooting against him to do his own thing, but he shut out the negativity and kept moving forward. Whenever I get down and out about building my craft and jewelry business, I remember that if Grandpa could do, I sure as heck can too!

My jewelry business has opened many doors and taught me many lessons about being a business owner and about me- who I want to be. I get to work when I want to work and where I want to work, and make whatever I want to make. YAY for freedom! ā¤


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