Delightful December

This might be a little cliche but WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO 2014?! It’s December! AHH!! I’m honestly really ready for 2014 to be over. I’m not into rushing life, I understand that I need to slow down and enjoy … Continue reading

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Cyber Monday sale

This post is a little late, but better late than never, right? 😉

Shop small and local this weekend! Obviously I am a small business owner and every single sale that comes through my Etsy shop and in person is VERY much appreciated. It’s not easy owning a small business – there is TONS of competition. However, it’s very rewarding and I’ve met the most amazing people because of my small businesses.

So, this weekend through 12/1 save 25% + get a free gift with your Handcrafted by Heather purchase. In addition, get a $25 Etsy gift card when you spend $100! Oh, and you’ll still get free shipping within the U.S.

Geesh. Great deals.

hcbh holiday sale

Sons of Anarchy fans unite

So, I’m, like, a HUGE Sons of Anarchy fan. In fact, it’s pretty much the only show on TV I watch anymore. I just don’t have time to zone out on television with two growing businesses, three kiddos to tend to, a husband who also demands my attention, and then, ya know, life… but I MAKE time for SOA.

Sons  is in it’s final season and that makes me, and all other true SOA fans, very sad. What in the WORLD will we do with ourselves on Tuesday nights? UGH…

Anyway, this show and it’s colorful characters has inspired me to create some really fun jewelry- mostly made out of metals, glass and stones. Some of it resembles pieces that the actors have worn, other pieces are just things I conjured up and thought “yeah, Gemma would totally wear this.”

I have entire section in my Etsy shop dedicated to this jewelry line. Check it out HERE.

I HAD to share a few pictures that a fellow SOA fan & a03-Gemma_closeup customer of mine sent me. Her and her husband dressed up as “Gemma” and “Chucky” for halloween this year (2014). She wore earrings she bought from me and they both looked AWESOME!!02-Gemma



Thanks for the pics, guys!!! LOVE IT!!

Springing into Spring, Marching into March…

….I could do this all day……. but I won’t…. You’re welcome. 😛

It’s March already! Yikes! This year is already flying! phew!

I’ve been busy… [SUPER busy] making new jewelry, filling custom orders, promoting, photographing, and planning 3 parties- wait, no 4 parties; my son’s 3rd birthday is coming up and we’re having a family gathering that will be dinosaur themed (of course, what else?!).

This coming Sunday March 11th, I am hosting a grand ‘ol party at LiSalon. It’s an open house jewelry and wine accessory party. If you happen to live in the Ithaca, New York area, please be sure to stop in between 1:00 and 4:00pm. LiSalon is located at 412 East Upland Road in Community Corners.  If you’re one of the first 25 guests to sign in you’ll receive a gift bag jam-packed with HCBH jewelry and wine accessories, as well as some samples from the gals at the salon to keep your hair look fabulous!

If you don’t live in the Ithaca area, or you simply can’t make it- no worries! I’m having an online Jewelry party starting March 22 (Happy Birthday, Grandma) and this will last for a couple of weeks so that all of you have a chance to get your hands on all your favorite goodies. I’ll post all of the information in my next post.

April 22nd is a ways away, but that’s the day I’ll be hosting yet another Spring Jewelry and Wine Accessory party at my apartment. If you live in the Canandaigua area and are interested in attending this party please feel free to email me with your mailing address. I will mail you an official invitation. This will be a more formal party, and will not be open to the public, but it’s still a party I’m busy thinking about.

**RIGHT NOW** I have a Suprise SOA Sale going on. If you purchase a Sons of Anarchy Inspired Jewelry piece, your entire order will be 10% less when you apply this shop coupon code at checkout: SUPRISESOA10. So take advantage of this sale while it lasts, which will only be a few more days.

It’s almost day light savings time again! Woohoo!!! Enjoy, everyone. ❤

Jewelry & Wine Accessory Party Open House at LiSalon

Join us at LiSalon in Community Corners for a special open house jewelry party!
I will be there selling my fabulously unique handcrafted jewelry and wine accessories, talking one on one with customers and clients, and taking special order requests.
There will be GIVEAWAYS, a raffle (or two), FREE Snacks, drinks, and great conversation!
**If you bring a guest, both you and your guest will receive 10% off your purchases or custom orders placed with Heather that day. **The first 25 guests will receive a very special gift bag jammed packed with Handcrafted by Heather goodies.
*ATTENTION BRIDE’S and BRIDESMAIDS* If you schedule a consultation with one of LiSalon’s amazing stylists, you’ll receive a coupon for 20% off your custom Handcrafted by Heather wedding jewelry!!!
*PLUS- When you purchase 3 or more gift sets of bridesmaids jewelry (Necklace and Earrings) worth $25+/set, the bridal jewelry is TOTALLY FREE!
Please go to Handcrafted by Heather’s Etsy shop to learn more about the artist, read through policies, and check out the goods! Head over to my Facebook Event page to RSVP to this party!
PAYMENT: All major credit cards, cash, and local check will be accepted as forms of payment.  All custom orders require a 50% down payment the day of ordering. Prices range from $5 to $200. FREE Gift wrapping will be available upon request.
If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please email me at: Hope to see you March 11!

So about that writing gig….

Wow- I haven’t written in a long time! Sorry about that, folks- been sort of busy doing things that I can write about, I suppose.

I have been busy. When I look back at the last month or so.. holy cow! Not only has my jewelry business doubled in revenue, but I’ve found new goodies to make that I actually ENJOY making ( ie. wine charms, more simple necklaces) and using materials I didn’t think I would enjoy using ( ie. Swarovski crystals and pearls, sea glass).

I had my first jewelry party in May, and boy was it a success! Thank you to everyone who came to my party! Whether you purchased any jewelry or not, you being here and giving me advise meant a lot! BTW, if you’re interested in hosting a Handcrafted by Heather Jewelry party, there’s lots of benefits, discounts, and FREE jewelry to be had, so contact me if this sounds lovely to you 🙂

I’ve been getting more orders weekly- from Etsy, from personal custom orders, and at LiSalon. I am so pleased with how this is all going. It’s taken some time- less than I thought- and I pray daily it keeps up. This is surely something to thank God for. He’s blessed me with wisdom, talent, and I’ve become more paitent. All in all, this business venture- so far- has been successful.

Starting Tuesday I’ll be helping my girlfriend, and mentour, at her home so she can also continue to be successful with her own jewelry business, Loudee’s. I get to go to her home once or twice a week and play her kiddos! The best part is that I’ll be able to bring my little guy and daughter too! All 4 of the little angels are going to have a blast! I can’t wait to start!

Tomorrow is another busy day for me- I have pictures to take, listings to post on Etsy, an article to write about another amazing jewelry artist I’ve met, and pack our bags for our busy and exciting weekend. June 19th is my 26th birthday, and fathers day! It may seem strange to some, but my best birthdays are when they fall on fathers day. I get to spend time with my daddy, and we spoil each other because it’s HIS babies birthday, and it’s MY dad’s day. 🙂 So fun!

Happy fathers day to all you loving, devoted, hardworking daddies out there! Esp. my own hubby… wuv you.

Handcrafted by Heather Jewelry Party!

Yesterday I hosted my first Handcrafted by Heather Jewelry Party, and it went great! All of my guests were family, which helped a LOT! I was able to mess up, forget stuff, and be nervous (because I was!). My family was supportive and I was so pleased with the way the party turned out. My sister in law booked a party and I cannot wait to start planning it!

So, if you think you might be interested in hosting a Handcrafted by Heather Jewelry Party keep reading for all of the amazing benefits and rewards you will receive.

When you host a Handcrafted by Heather Jewelry Party, you will receive 25% in FREE JEWELRY and a $15 Jewelry Certificate- JUST for hosting! On top of this, you can receive $125 worth of additional free Jewelry, depending on the amount of sales your party generates. Here is the layout of what you can receive in free Jewelry from buying party guests:

If Your Party’s Total Retail Sales Are: Then Your FREE Jewelry Credit will be:
$100 – $149 $15
$150 – $199 $25
$200 – $249 $35
$250 – $299 $50
$300 – $399 $75
$400 – $499 $100
$500+ + 25% off total

Invite your guests, friends, and family to host a Handcrafted by Heather Jewelry Party, and receive up to ten $10 FREE Jewelry Certificates! For each party that is booked from your party, up to ten parties, you will get a $10 free jewelry certificate. You could earn an additional $100 in FREE Jewelry!

All total sales include custom orders, and Up-Cycling Orders. All custom orders that may total over $100 require a 25% down payment. The amount of the down payment is the amount that will be applied to your total sales for your party.

I love to give! I love to have contests! I love to have contests in which I can give away handcrafted jewelry! Every party will include at least 2 pieces or sets of Handcrafted by Heather jewelry that your guests can enter to win that very same day! People enjoy winning free jewelry and they love coupons, so be sure to let your guests know there will be giveaways at your jewelry party! In addition, each of your invited guests will receive a 5% off coupon, which they can use at your party. Encourage each guest to bring a friend too, whom will also receive a 5% discount for items purchased at your hosted jewelry party.

Are you looking for a unique theme or just a different kind of party for a bachelorette party, or a bridal shower? How about a birthday party? Host a Handcrafted by Heather Jewelry party in honor of these special occasions! Not only with the guest of honor be showered with gifts, but the guests will feel just as special when they realize they can also shower themselves with fabulously unique jewelry, hair accessories, and other fine handcrafted goodies! There are so many GREAT benefits including FREE jewelry for you, awesome giveaways & prizes for guests, gifts for the guest of honor, and of course tons of FUN! The guest of honor will get to make a ‘wish list’. She will receive one item from that list FREE- that is my gift to her. Please email or call me for more details about this unique party idea!

To book a Handcrafted by Heather Jewelry Party outside of a party that you may have attended as a guest, please email me with your interest. I will need to know the date(s) you were considering hosting the party, about how many people you think you will invite, where you would like to host your party (i.e. Your home, office, or a larger facility), and what time of day will work best for you. This information is so that I can plan accordingly, and make sure your jewelry party is successful for the both of us. Email me at Feel free to call me at 607-592-3433.

Thank you so very much for your interest!

My other favorite craft- writing.

I recently obtained a spot as the Rochester Jewelry Examiner on, which is a website that allows the people that live in cities all around the country talk about their favorite stuff, like, politics, household stuff, sports, medicine, jewelry, etc.

My job is to write articles about jewelry in Rochester. I will be writing about shops in the Greater Rochester area, craft shows and the jewelry artists that will have booths at these shows, and whatever else I feel like writing about jewelry :-). The best part? I get paid depending on how many views and comments I get. I figured this would be a great way to get my business name out there, meet jewelry artists (like me!), talk to people in the jewelry making/selling/designing community, and for Pete’s sake to satisfy my urge to WRITE!

I hope that all goes well. I think my very first public article will be about the jewelry shop Joolz right here in Canandaigua. There’s a lot to write about this shop and it’s owner, and all of the local artists that sell their beautiful jewelry in it- including my good friend and mentor, Linda Connor-Cass, who’s the owner of Loudee’s Jewelry, and makes AWESOME goodies :-).

If anybody EVER knows of a jewelry artist, shop/store, event, or craft show in the Greater Rochester Area, please please please email me, send a note on Facebook, or comment here. I will research the topic/artist and write about it!

Thanks, all. Have a happy day, and a relaxing weekend.


UPDATE 11/21/14- this gig didn’t pan out well. I didn’t put any effort into it, honestly. Now, though, after re-reading this post, I almost kinda wanna get back to doing that… ya know, cuz I definitely don’t have enough on the 5 plates I’m currently juggling :;-):

Handcrafted by Heather is officially a legal entity!

I am a wee bit excited to announce that I got all the legalities out of my way to be an offical legal business.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me, and who continues to support me 😀 You all rock!

Next on my list- Write a business plan…